At Whiz Teachers we promote early development and provide strong foundation for your child’s critical primary years. Whiz Teachers offers a secure and nurturing home for the children to learn and play. It is situated in a calm residential street. We always start our day with yoga classes. The children of this age are fast and full of energy. They love moving and playing and they have a wide level of imagination.

Kids are fast….. Very fast

Kids have unlimited amount of energy. We use that energy instead of suppressing it. We make the class very energetic. It is very difficult for small kids to sit quietly in one pose for an extended time. Therefore we let game flow and each pose one into another. We don’t pause too long between exercises. We make them happy to lie down at the end of the class and practice relaxation and imagery through yoga, games, creative lessons and active learning. Children receive enormous benefits from yoga. Through yoga they can connect more deeply with their inner self. We always start our day with the yoga so that teachers and students can remain energised the whole day.

We place yoga mats properly and make each child to do yoga properly. If necessary, we also make use of particular props. We allow kids to relax for some time after yoga. Children remain fresh whole day and they enjoy doing yoga a lot. If you want to get any further information about us or about our other services that e provide you can contact us at 612-968-1874.