From Searching To Interviewing: How To Recruit The Best Staff For Your Childcare Centre?

You probably know it…

When it comes to giving your childcare center a unique edge, hiring great staff is of paramount importance. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how many facilities you have or what kind of program you have developed. The staff are the people who spend time with most of the kids – and the ones who make the difference.

On top of this, parents are always looking for great staff – as they are the public face of your business. So, how does a childcare center go about attracting the cream of the crop?

Great Teachers Equal Great Childcare Centres
This is one of the mantras that many child care centers and facilities have – yet also one that many find hard to fulfill in real life. If your staff is unhappy or not skilled enough, the turnover would be high and the best talent certainly won’t want to work for you.

But if you flip the card…

A great staff can help the day-to-day routine, invite more kids and help you create the big picture. Plus, employees like these are more likely to be retained and can even attract high quality new staff.

So, Where To Start?
Instead of putting an ad on a mainstream job site and hoping for the best, try a new and a slightly different approach. You could, for example, use an online approach and get closer to the actual skilled pool of teachers present in the virtual world.

LinkedIn, online job classifieds or searching directly for candidates with childcare backgrounds (on LinkedIn, for example) can give you the best of proactive recruiting. This is how the top talent recruitment firms are working – and how you can save time and money while looking for the best employees for your childcare center.

Below, we are going more in-depth with the right tips that will help you get closer to more skilled and professional people.

Three Crucial Tips That Will Help You Hire The Right Childcare Staff
There are a lot of things that can help you get closer to a skilled pool of potential employees for your child care facility However, you should develop a plan from the start – something that is known as a ‘screening process’ for selecting the right candidates before and after they enter your door for an interview.

Here, you essentially need to focus on the following.

1.Think online, but think local as well
As we already mentioned, online searches on sites like LinkedIn and Internet job classifieds such as, Craigslist and others are a great way to begin looking for talent.

However, aside from online, you should think local too. Keeping an eye on your local area means word-of-mouth marketing, local job boards posted at colleges, universities or even ads in the local papers.

If you are finding it hard to get closer to your potential employees by this point, you should also consider the option of setting up a display at a local college or a community jobs fair, or even contact the Early Childhood Education department at a nearby college and let them know that you are looking for applicants.

2.Ask the right questions
Your future employees must be passionate about what they do and they must look for work in the childcare industry – and not just any job that will tide them over until they find ‘something better’. Therefore, your screening process must include specific questions about the respondents such as ‘what attracted you to this field’ or ‘what can you bring to our childcare centre’ etc.

The goal here is to make your potential employees a key part of the interview. Also, you should know that a great applicant will always be able to focus on what they can offer you – especially if you ask them about their actions in specific situations.

3.Referral bonuses actually work
Do you know why the top firms in tech and finance are offering big bonuses for getting quality employees?

It’s simple. Having a dependable and certified staff who is going to make your childcare center shine is definitely worth paying for. A referral bonus here will also make it clear that you are serious about finding amazing staff for your childcare center – and that you are also willing to pay the people who are going to help you out.

An incentive of $200 to $500 as a referral bonus can again save you time and money – for an employee who would stay for six months or more and get a good job performance interview.

Final Words
In the end, one of the most challenging parts of owning a child-care center is managing the staff. Here, the key is to have a certain philosophy and treat every child in the same way.

At Whiz Kids Teachers On Demand, we pride ourselves on having great staff. In fact, hiring skilled, qualified and serious people is our number one mission – as we are dedicated to the successful development of every single child.

That way, we beat every part of the standard home pre-schooling system and guarantee order and safety – all while providing a fun learning center environment for every single kid.

We hope that this article helped you see all aspects of hiring great childcare center staff. If you need the help from a professional staffing company for your childcare centre, feel free to contact us today!

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