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As a substitute with Whiz Teachers On Demand, you will have the opportunity to do what you love, work with children! Enjoy the freedom of a flexible full-time or part-time position. Many of our long term placements can lead into full time permanent positions if that is your goal. Whiz Teachers On Demand will match your exact qualifications and requirements to those of employers in your area, creating a beneficial working relationship for everyone.

Whiz Teachers On Demand represents skilled, experienced educational professionals who are dedicated to enriching the lives of children through quality education and care. Our partner schools encompass well established child care centers, preschools and Head Start Programs around the PHX Metro area, with that same commitment.

A substitute teacher impacts multiple students’ educational journeys every day.


Substitutes aren’t babysitters; they’re educators.

You may think, “Subs are only in the classroom for one day. That isn’t enough time to make a difference.” But how many times has one single word, one kind action, one enlightened thought changed your life? Imagine what can be done with an entire day! Substitutes can offer that one moment that makes a difference.

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Why Choose Us…


Your position with Whiz Teachers On Demand allows you the convenience of choosing when and where you work. We will assist you in designing a schedule of days, hours and locations to accommodate your needs.


Substitute teaching provides the ability to experience a variety of teaching environments, as well as obtain valuable work history. Growth and knowledge gained on each placement will add to your hiring potential.


Substitute teaching allows you to “try out” employers to determine the best fit for you. Your temporary position today may evolve in to your permanent dream job tomorrow!


Whiz Teachers On Demand recognizes family obligations. Our employers often have openings that coincide with the holidays, vacations and time off of your own children.


Whiz Teachers On Demand offers competitive wages and benefits (DOQ) as well as the opportunity for work with a leading company in the substitute staffing industry.

Your future students are waiting!

Apply today, and let us find the perfect classroom for you.

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Here is what our teachers are saying about us!

Kayla Feld-DvorakKayla Feld-Dvorak
Teachers for Tomorrow has been a wonderful way to receive a supplemental income. As a theatre artist, my schedule varies so much from week to week, so the flexibility has been phenomenal. I don’t know of any other part time job that would allow for the kind of flexibility TFT provides.
Amanda SwensonAmanda Swenson
Before coming to work for Teachers For Tomorrow I worked at a center for over six years. I was someone that my co-workers would come to if they had questions and the directors were gone. I loved what I did and felt I was good at my job but it wasn’t until I worked for Teachers For Tomorrow that I really felt appreciated! Within the first month I had heard more praise and appreciation from Janine, Kate, and the staff I worked with then I had in the entire six years at my previous location. Teachers ...
Danielle GarveyDanielle Garvey
I absolutely love working for “Teachers for Tomorrow”! This has been the best career choice and path I could ever imagine myself taking. Not only are Janine and Kate awesome to work with, but they take care of me. The communication is better than I could expect and all of the childcare settings I have been placed in have really easy going, nice, fun staff along with kids.Before having this job, I was at a few different centers and as I did enjoy my staff and children, I also had some dislikes about my jobs that led me to being ...
Lois LarsonLois Larson
As a teacher that worked for TFT for only a short time, the 3 most significant changes to my day are the fact that I ended up being placed as a substitute at a center that I had applied to many months prior and ended up finding a new home! Another is that I regained my confidence as a teacher with working for and with TFT. Lastly, I don’t dread going to work every day! Knowing that if (when I was with TFT) I was sick all I had to do is call Janine! This happened only one time but ...
Jessica Bohnsack, Director– Little Saints Preschool, Prior LakeJessica Bohnsack, Director– Little Saints Preschool, Prior Lake
I have been so impressed with “Teachers for Tomorrow” from the very first phone conversation. I’ve worked with a couple of other temp agencies and have never seen the care and dedication from the staff or the company that I have with you. You really care about placing the right teacher with the right qualifications in the right class of kids. Your personal attention to detail makes a world of difference! I will be recommending you to every Director I know.
Judy Madera – Koala Bear- Spring Lake Park, MNJudy Madera – Koala Bear- Spring Lake Park, MN
It is a comforting to know that I can depend on Teachers for Tomorrow to find me professional, responsible, and dependable substitutes for my classrooms. Aleta (owner) takes pride in her company and it shows through the thorough training the staff have.
Tracy Smith-Children of Tomorrow-Waconia, MNTracy Smith-Children of Tomorrow-Waconia, MN
We have used Teachers for Tomorrow on many occasions and have been very impressed with the well qualified and knowledgeable substitute staff that they have provided. The quality of the staff have helped us maintain the high standards that we have even in times of transition. Teachers for Tomorrow is committed to providing teachers that are reliable and professional. We would recommend Teachers for Tomorrow to anyone who needs high quality substitute staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Whiz Teachers On Demand require me to work a certain number of days or hours?

When you submit your information we will document your availability, and preferred days and times of work. Whiz Teachers On Demand is flexible and can work with your schedule; there is no set number of days or hours you are required to work.

What Qualifications do I need to work with Whiz Teachers On Demand?

Whiz Teachers On Demand follows the AZ State, Licensing requirements for all positions we place. Minimum requirements as stated below.

a) Six months of child care experience and:

i. A high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma; or

ii. At least 12 credit hours from an accredited college or university, including at least six credit hours in early childhood, child development, or a closely-related field;

b) Associate or bachelor degree from an accredited college or university in early childhood, child development, or a closely-related field; or

c) N.A.C., C.D.A., or C.C.P. credential

Assistant Teacher: Must work under the supervision of a teacher, must be at least 18, and meet one of the 9 possible combined credential, education and experience requirements, an example of one of the 9 options is: a high school diploma with 2,080 hours experience as an aide or intern and 12 quarter credits.

What Schools will I be working in?

Whiz Teachers On Demand works with Early Childhood Preschools, Montessori schools, religious based centers and charter schools throughout the Maricopa and Phoenix Metro area.

Do I sign a contract with Whiz Teachers On Demand?

When you become an employee with Whiz Teachers On Demand, you are still free to substitute for schools, centers and preschools not serviced by Whiz Teachers On Demand.

How do I get paid through Whiz Teachers On Demand?

Immediately upon accepting employment, the new employee will be given federal and state tax forms.

All employees are paid every two weeks on Friday and it will be directly deposited into their account. Each paycheck will include earnings for all work performed through the end of the previous payroll period. Your pay stub will be e-mailed to you each pay period unless it is previously discussed with the management team.

Want to find the perfect teaching job – without filling up numerous forms and applications and being tied to it?

At Whiz Teachers On Demand, each of our substitute teachers has the opportunity to do what they love while working with children.

You can enjoy the freedom of your new job as you feel comfortable – whether you want a flexible full-time position or a part-time one. If you are a serious candidate, you can easily enter our long-term placements list and get hired full-time if that is your end goal.

We Work To Find You The Perfect Teaching Job

Whiz Teachers On Demand works to find you what you are looking for – the perfect teaching job – all while making most of your qualifications and requirements and creating a beneficial working relationship for everyone involved.

We are proud to represent skilled, experienced and well-versed educational professionals who are committed and willing to enrich the lives of children through proper education and care. At Whiz Teachers On Demand, we can safely say that we are proudly serving the PHX Metro area with that same commitment, in each one of our established child care centers, preschools and Head Start programs.

Bring Quality In Every Educational Facility – Starting Today

If you are a skilled professional and a teacher who wants to make a difference in the world, our program is designed for people just like you. We are here to guide you through the classroom management, effective instruction techniques, child development and many other strategies that will help you do your job and bring quality in every educational facility.

Apply today and let us find the perfect classroom for your needs.

Hurry up – your future students are waiting!