We offer a wide range of opportunities for kids to express themselves. We provide a lot of activities for kids such as – drawing class, yoga class, active learning, creative learning and so on. Different kids’ activities aim at building vocabulary of different sensory experiences such as- auditory, visual and tactile to improve their physical contact (touching, rocking, massage, cuddling and reflexology) between your child and you. We also aim at promoting the development of speech through the use of music, puppets, sign language and music.

Our all activities differ weekly. Our all activities are made in such a way that they will develop a child completely. Our activities will develop their physical skills, language skills, social and emotional skills, awareness of the world, co- ordination, concentration and much more that are needed for the further development of the child. Research also shows that the early years of the child are every important for the child as well as for the parents. Our all activities develop all the aspects of the child. Some main and important aspects are-

•Language development – Many parents experience extreme frustration in understanding the signals of their babies. Many babies are not even able to express themselves. The Teachers For Tomorrow play an important role in developing the language skills of the children. We perform a lot of activities through which children are motivated for speaking and expressing their feelings.

•Physical development – A lot of our activities help in the physical development of the child. In fact we start our daily routine with yoga and that helps a lot in developing child physically.

•Social development – Whiz Teachers is very important place where a child develops socially. We perform many activities that teach a child about social skills such as sharing, turn talking and co-operation.

We also offer sleeping room service and bus service for kids. For any further information about Whiz Teachers, call us at 612-968-1874