We also have a drawing class for kids. Drawing is very important for kids as drawings make children more expressive and help them in providing a direct link with reading and writing. It is the first activity that every child does. No child picks up a pencil and starts writing A B C. First thing that a child can do is to pick up a crayon, pen or pencil and start scribbling anywhere at home. Whiz Teachers make use of this ability of children. We provide children the opportunity to show their skill and talent. Drawing is one of the most important tools that help a child in developing his other skills also.It not only provides basis for other creative activities but also provides a direct link with writing, reading etc. We never force kids to do any activity. We make each and every activity so interesting that kids themselves want to take part in them.

Children cannot express themselves always by using actions and words, therefore drawing is an important form of communication for them. At Whiz Teachers we allow children to draw whatever they want and after that we ask them about what they have made. Through this we gain an insight into the thoughts and feelings of the child through their drawings. When a child is able to express what he/she feels, that help in boosting the emotional intelligence of the child. Drawing has also many other uses. It enhances the child’s motor skills, let their imagination turn wild and so on. So, if you want that your child will develop completely then you must choose us and give us a try. We ensure that you will feel proud that you choose us. For any other information call us at 612-968-1874