It is always better to teach children through creative ways. Creative way enables a child to think and make connections between different things. These activities build self esteem in them and a lot more. Give your baby a unique development and learning experience where they can enjoy the journey of discovery and exploration together. At Whiz Teachers, we always teach kids through creative lessons. These make them to use their mental ability and skills. This broadens their thinking power. Our social, nurturing, fun, safe and educational classes support the development of your kids as they discover a new and amazing world there.

Our educationally based, sensory and relaxed creative classes help you to introduce your baby to a broad range of nurturing and safe experiences. By choosing us you not only help them in discovering their amazing world but also treasure their precious moments with fun creative keep sakes. Our educationally-based and exciting workshops are customized for children of different age groups. We provide a mess- free and stress- free environment. We give your child friendly and safe atmosphere. We provide them opportunities to explore, discover and develop. In our creative classes children express themselves beyond their words. In Whiz Teachers we give children an age appropriate outlet for self expression and learning. The imagination power of kids is boundless and we provide them the opportunity to express their imagination in front of everyone.. In this age the imagination power of the child is boundless therefore it is better to teach them by playing. We encourage child for problem solving, provide them array of experiences, and provide them open ended tools so that they can learn by themselves.

We provide them open ended tools and they learn by doing. They are not forced to do anything in fact they do everything by themselves because they enjoy there. You must give us a try. We promise that you will be happy. You can also check about us from the reviews of our previous customers. For any further information give us a call at 612-968-1874