The strategy of active learning work with the normal learning styles of children instead of working against them. We introduced active learning activities into our classroom environment and actively engage all children. They all try to learn according to their own learning styles. Intelligence is of nine types and active learning activities let children to use their own kind of brainpower and keep their minds busy in holistic ways. We make children to learn by doing. Learning by doing is style that comes by nature to most of the children. Oxygen increases to the brain when kids get up and move.Running and stopping, bubble catch, hand control, seated ball play are some of the examples of the plays that we use for active learning.

Active Learning is something that involves students in doing something and thinking about what they are doing. Through the active learning the kid’s minds work at their highest capacity. This allows teachers to differentiate curriculum and instruction. Some students learn best naturalistically, while other learns musically and another learns interpersonally. The Teachers For Tomorrow engage all of them in one active learning activity and this hits all those three learning styles. We make learning as fun and students don’t even realize that they’re being taught. They learn a lot of things while playing and enjoying.

We make students to use higher thinking skills, develop social skills, solve problems, brainstorm ides, learn to share space and resolve conflicts. Kids busy in active learning activities are likely to deepen and widen their thinking, for example kids may learn to realize more than one way to solve a problem.

Active learning: step by step
Whiz Teachers offers active play in their daily routine for teaching your kids. In fact we don’t teach kids. We engage them in something interesting that they enjoy and they learn them self from it. Active learning enforces important material, skills and concepts. If you want any further information about us, just call us at 612-968-1874.