Whiz Teachers On Demand

Whiz Teachers On Demand was started to fill a need for the founders own growing preschools. The on going staffing demands of childcare and preschool programs is a need that doesn’t affect just one center but many centers alike. What sets WTOD apart is that our substitute teachers are trained by mentor teachers on site at a quality preschool program before placement. Taking away all the human resource headache of interviewing, on boarding and training from your directors to help them focus on what’s most important, the children and school operations. We pride ourselves in training and equipping our team of teachers with the right tools to assist you and your team on those hectic days when you need the manpower to get the job done and done right.

The owner is an Arizona certified Elementary School Teacher, who is passionate about quality Early Childhood Education. After teaching first grade for several years and having her first child, she started Whiz Kidz Preschool as a home program which she operated for 6 years and then transitioned to center based and is now a multisite operation. As Whiz Kidz Preschool grew so did the demand for quality trained staff. To fill the need of her own schools she realized the need to support other centers, ultimately making a difference in so many other children’s lives, ensuring qualified staff are available to help support other centers as well.